Diabetes have trouble hearing women

Posted by Admin on Sunday, March 18, 2012

According to a study place at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Women 60-75 years of age with diabetes in middle ear worse. However, the study found that those who sacrificed for the serious treatment of the hearing is much better than those who have not started treatment.

Facts are designed and tested again, and it's not just women with diabetes over 60 years, have a hearing loss. Those who are under 60 years and diabetes have the greatest potential for hearing loss.

"In fact, normal hearing, what will happen with age. However, patients with diabetes mellitus, hearing loss occurs due to high blood sugar levels.

Hendry also showed that about 26 million Americans suffer from diabetes, and the total number of 34.5 million with hearing loss. For this reason, this study has been developed.

This should be avoided at an early stage for people with diabetes, hardworking, and treatment of hearing loss are advised to stay.

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