Contact lenses or glasses?

Posted by Admin on Sunday, March 18, 2012

Having established that has vision problems, the inevitable question that must be done with the surface: it is his contact lenses or glasses, would it? Each of them will improve your vision problems. Each has its share of profits and the share of shortcomings. Finally it depends on personal preference and what methods of vision correction for your lifestyle the best.

For many people, creating a natural look and performance of contact lenses, the most logical choice points. Contact lenses are practically not know if you want, and they sit directly on the cornea, so that they do not interfere with your opinion or glare because when you try to look at. Sometimes, what is the distance between the lens of the eye and distorts your vision. Points also have a tendency to fog up from time to time, due to changes in humidity and temperature, while contact lenses are not. Some other points which support the selection of the contact point with the fact that the use of contact lenses allow the people in the other eye can see, without a hitch, the contact does not affect your vision, if rain or snow, and you can wear glasses or contacts without a prescription prescription regular do not buy your shades.

On the other side of the coin, some people prefer to wear glasses for contact lenses. For years, owners often point to keep their points, as a habit, while others may not be very enthusiastic about the process of inserting the contact lenses every day. Throw in the glasses is much easier than installing and removing your contacts and keep them in a good solution when not in use. Another reason some people will decide glasses for contact lenses is that the use of contact lenses make you more prone to eye infections. Maintenance and cleaning of contact lenses is essential to prevent infection, and compared with the simplicity of glasses, some people can not be bothered. You can contact disposable that can be destroyed at the end of each day without the help of the decision, but the risk is still there.

This does not mean that you do not have to worry about your score. Rough handling can scratch the lens, and they often remove several times a day, just so you can see clearly. Many people will buy both contacts and glasses, and wear some cases, and one by one. Some people may lose their glasses to look natural, if you go to dinner or a show, while others want to stay in their glasses, to register their clothes as a fashion accessory.

The way to do with eye contact and discussion, to listen to your eye doctor and choose the one you feel complement your lifestyle the most.

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