Fried foods increases the risk of cancer

Posted by Admin on Sunday, January 1, 2012

Many people want to enjoy baked goods, and there are many restaurants in the path of the grid. But scientists say that the selection of processed foods that give a bad impact on health.

Compared with the cook can cook on the grill, the cancer risk of up to two times, even when cooked, the meat was found sdelano.Uchenye that fried or cooked meat causes cancer-causing mutations on the surface of food.

A study by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, as an experiment to test for the mouse, which may reflect similar conditions in humans. They found that people have certain enzymes called sulfotransferases (profit) on the body. However, an enzyme found only in rat liver.

Sult enzymes to certain ingredients in food that is dangerous to change. Furthermore, this enzyme is also the ability to change the content of the food must be carcinogenic or carcinogenic.

The researchers say that "the dirty rat that ate the food, especially in fish and roasted meat that can be found"

"We want the development of colon tumors in mice is often boiled and fried mengonsusmsi and compare them with the development of tumors in the study of normal mice that were fed the same contaminated food wanted," said the scientist was quoted as saying by Le Figaro.

The results showed that scientists find colon cancer 31-80 percent of the rats eating the meat on the grill, and the people increased.

In addition, the researchers also found that the experimental rats was not ideal to describe the cancer risk to human health, the consumption of contaminated food.

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