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Stroke is a condition that causes pain a person loses the ability of movement and speech.
Health problems are increasing day more often experienced by people aged prouktif. Suspected stroke is closely associated with unhealthy lifestyles.
Someone had a stroke due to blood flow to his brain cut off or reduced, so that the brain does not get oxygen and nutrients. If this happens for several minutes, then would lose the function of brain cells. Stroke is categorized in emergency situations in the health sciences, because of improper handling when someone is having an attack, potentially causing death or permanent disability. In health sciences, it is known there are two types of stroke, ischemic stroke is caused by blood flow to the brain is interrupted or blocked, and hemorrhagic stroke caused by too much blood in the cavity of the head (due to rupture of blood vessels, blood flow to parts of the brain is cut off , and there was a pool of blood on one particular part of the brain).
• The numbness that comes suddenly
• Weak
• Paralyzed on some faces, hands, feet and tongue
• Slit speak and understand the speech of others
• blurred vision
• Dizziness and easy loss of balance or coordination weakened limbs
• Headache is very severe
• The neck tightened, and pain on the face, exactly in between both eyes
• Vomiting
• Fainting
• Confused, disoriented and easily forget

Because the strokes tend to be associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, then do the following items, to prevent it;
1. controlling blood pressure
2. controlling blood cholesterol levels
3. limit consumption of salt, and fatty foods
4. taking vitamin B complex
5. quit smoking
6. maintain body weight balance
7. workout routine
8. manage stress
9. limit alcohol consumption
10. avoid the use of illegal drugs and narcotics
11. eating fruits and vegetables, fiber foods also
12. eat foods with omega-3 levels of calcium and

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