Detection of disease through the fingers

Posted by Admin on Friday, July 1, 2011

Different lengths of the ring finger and index finger is associated with levels of hormones in the body affects the risk of disease, as a biologist at the University of Swansea, Professor John Manning said.

Fingers based analysis, as determined by the length of fingers in utero. feminine testosterone, sex hormone or growth rings, and estrogen, the feminine hormone and increase your index finger.

After analyzing the level of health risk, Dr. Manning, the index finger and the ring of the comparison is based, as quoted in the Daily Mail:

Heart disease
The risk of heart disease can be detected by comparing the size of a finger. Created based on research in 2001, has a shorter man with a ring size lower cardiovascular disease risk indices.

University of Nottingham research, develop with longer ring fingers than index, two times more often osteoarthritis of the knee. The study measured the fingers 2000 "These results are replicated in other large studies in America," says Professor Manning.

Based on research with 200 students at the University of Liverpool, longer ring fingers are more likely to suffer from colds and other common diseases as compared with the index finger is longer.

Prostate Cancer
British Journal of Cancer Study showed that men with longer ring fingers to contract the size of the index at high risk of prostate cancer. Most men have a length of a knot, but it's worth, the results of this study, such as alertness alarm.

In 2002, Dr. Manning, the researchers conducted a study that examined the fingers begin a book that men with longer ring fingers than a higher birth rate than men with shorter fingers, has a ring to watch.

There is some evidence that the ring finger is associated with an increased risk for ADHD or autism. Three studies have shown that the condition of autism and four studies have shown that it is ADHD.

"There is some evidence that people with anorexia tend to ring very long fingers," says Professor Manning.

"The bad news is that people with ring fingers are more likely to drink alcohol," says Professor Manning "But. Do not worry, a recent study at the University of Swansea have come a long finger, ring generally attracted to smoking."

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